A picture taken my nephew is attached;
he is 3 years older now though.

(因為大帥給我的回覆超過1000 字,所以一部分放在這裡)
One thing that is very annoying is my bulk mail box
has thousands of SPAMs mostly coming from Taiwan.
This started soon after we exchanged e-mail addresses
amongst Class 74 several years ago.
The SPAM filter is not perfect; therefore,
I suspect that some of the e-mails from people
I know got dumped in the bulk mail box and eventually
were purged without my knowledge.

Hope all goes well.


Crum & Forster/Industrial Indemnity 7.5 years
California State Automobile Association 5 months
Fireman's Fund Insurance Company 12 days
Egghead.com 18 months
Milliman USA 8 months
PMI Mortgage Insurance Co 22 months
LoanPerformance 8 months
Jigsaw Data Corporation 8 months
Wells Fargo ?


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